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About Us

Panasiam - conscious fashion since 1999

We represent love and trust. We give ourselves the freedom to act independently and freely and focus on community.

We handle resources responsibly and respect life.

How do we translate our values ​​into action?

We only work with independent small producers who have a reliable partner in PANASIAM.

A partner who pays over average wages and adheres strictly to agreements. You can count on us, we give independent workers and collectives the opportunity to plan and offer recurring demand. That creates planning security. On both sides. Of course, we and our partners in Asia sometimes clash and things are not squeamish. But that is our everyday life and that of the producers and in the end, it creates an agreement and that states:

Security with the greatest possible freedom.

And that little bit of freedom, we can pass through our clothes and PANASIAM accessories to our customers.

To you!

 All our digital infrastructure runs on GREEN ENERGY by Greenpeace!