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doppelte Gürteltaschen aus fester Baumwolle

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PANASIAM double belt bag Two high-quality bags made of thick cotton (canvas) attached to a belt... more
double belt bag

Two high-quality bags made of thick cotton (canvas) attached to a belt
Each of the bags consists of three compartments, closable with a high-quality zipper.
The belt is made with a robust metal sealed buckle.
There are 5 belt holes.

total size: 31'-37" (80-94 cm)

The serrated shapes are adorned with fine topstitching.

Perfect for Festival, travel and everyday life.

Please compare with the exact size specifications before purchase to avoid unnecessary cost-related returns or to keep them to a minimum. For the sake of the environment ;-)

If anything is not right, don't hesitate to send us a mail, we will reply quickly.: -)

Authentic Panasiam quality!
Panasiam produces exclusively at small family businesses at fair conditions.
Panasiam has it's own quality standards, which are frequently checked.
Panasiam works with high quality fabrics and secure seams.
Panasiam products correspond to European clothing sizes.
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