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Fiber hemp is a real alternative to traditional materials such as cotton due to its special... more
Fiber hemp is a real alternative to traditional materials such as cotton due to its special properties and excellent eco-balance.
Hemp can be cultivated without pesticides or similar chemicals and only needs 1/10 the water compared to cotton.
Hemp fabric is particularly resistant, tear-resistant and durable, even in contact with water and moisture.
Hemp can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water and release it quickly.
Clothing made of hemp are therefore remarkably well suited for the summer .
Dense hemp fabric also provides about 90% UV protection.

Fisherman Shirt
100% woven organic hemp
Fairly produced and traded
great workmanship.
High quality, natural hemp fabric

With a pocket and knotted buttons.

In three sizes:

Length: 29" (75  cm)
Chest: 41" (106  cm)
Collar: 18" (46  cm)

Length: 30" (78  cm)
Chest: 21" (55  cm)
Collar: 18" (48  cm)

Length: 32" (82  cm)
Chest: 25" (65  cm)
Collar: 22" (56  cm)

Perfect for retreats, lectures, rituals, seminars, meditation, seminars or simply as a feel-good shirt and so much more.

Made in Cambodia in a small factory that also employs people with disabilities.

Please compare with the exact size information before buying in order to avoid unnecessary cost-related returns or to keep them to a minimum.
Thank You!

If something is wrong, just e-mail us and we will answer immediately to find a solution

Authentic Panasiam quality!
Panasiam produces exclusively at small family businesses at fair conditions.
Panasiam has it's own quality standards, which are frequently checked.
Panasiam works with high quality fabrics and secure seams.
Panasiam products correspond to European clothing sizes.
Größenkategorie: Normalgröße
Synonyme: Thaihemd, Fischerhemd, Fisherman shirt
verwandte Begriffe: Leinenhemd, Yogahemd, kurta, kamiz
Textilpflege: Maschinenwäsche
Thema: thai, chinesisch, alternativ, hippie, öko
Aktivität: Retreat, Seminar, Meditation, therapie, Massage, Yoga, Pilates
Ausschnitt: Kleiner Stehkragen
Passform: Relaxed
Produktart: Geknöpftes Hemd
Ärmellänge: Kurzarm
Besonderheiten: geknotete Knöpfe
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