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Goa Psytrance Leggings ‘Wati‘

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PANASIAM goa psytrance Collection ladies Leggings 'Wati' Summer 3/4 leggings made of soft... more
goa psytrance Collection
ladies Leggings 'Wati'

Summer 3/4 leggings made of soft cotton.
elastic fabric
Very comfortable, adapts wonderfully ot the body.

Super quality! excellent processing
feminine and figure-hugging

Elegant Cutwork Design
In 3 colors: black, brown, or olive green.
As 3/4 pants in three sizes S, M and L.
length: approx. 26" (68 cm)

No mass production, each of our products is handmade and unique
From a small family business in Nepal. Small & limited editions!
Perfect for festivals, psytrance, dance, yoga, tai chi, meditation and much more

Please compare with the exact size specifications before purchase to avoid unnecessary cost-related returns or to keep them to a minimum.
For the sake of the environment ;-)

If anything is not right, don't hesitate to send us a mail, we will reply quickly.: -)

Authentic Panasiam quality!
Panasiam produces exclusively at small family businesses at fair conditions.
Panasiam has it's own quality standards, which are frequently checked.
Panasiam works with high quality fabrics and secure seams.
Panasiam products correspond to European clothing sizes.
Größenkategorie: regular size
Synonyme: Leggings, Leggins, Jeggings
verwandte Begriffe: yoga pants, sport pants, cycling shorts, capri leggings, tights
Stil: Casual trousers
Produktart: Leggings
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