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Muck Hose Peacock

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PANASIAM - Harem pants Muck Pants Peacock Light summer pants made of 100% high quality,... more

PANASIAM - Harem pants
Muck Pants Peacock

Light summer pants made of 100% high quality, natural, soft viscose.
With two side pockets
unisex - these pants are because of the colorful pattern preferably worn by women. The simple, wide cut also fits men wonderfully.

One size:
fits everyone from S to M
Total length: approx. 39'" (100 cm)
Hips: from 23'' - 39'" (60 - 100 cm) (fits perfectly due to elastic waistband)
Fits up to a height of approx. 68'" (175 cm)
The fabric falls soft and light. So the trousers adapts wonderfully to the body shape and size.

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Real Panasiam quality!

Panasiam produces exclusively in small family businesses under FAIR conditions.
Panasiam has its own quality standards, which are checked regularly.
Panasiam works with high-quality fabrics and pays attention to tight seams.
Panasiam articles correspond to European clothing sizes.
Größenkategorie: Normalgröße
Stil: Haremshosen
Textilpflege: Maschinenwäsche
Passform: Bequem Sitzend
Thema: Orientalisch, Indisch, Hippie, Orient, Perser, Sultan, Sufi, Bali
Aktivität: Tanz, Festival, Bauchtanz, Flamenco, kathak, Strand, Sommer
Besonderheiten: Elastische Taille
Größe: M
Synonyme: Muckhose, Haremshose, Pluderhose, Pumphose, Saroul
verwandte Begriffe: Hippiehose, Ballonhose, Sultanhose, Aladinhose, Goahose
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